1. Vista gets stuck at Completing upgrade (55%) for over 16 hours on my laptop… finally gave up and reverted back to XP. My Desktop errors out after staying at Gathering files (0%) for 10 minutes, saying an error has occurred and update has been canceled without any other indication of what is going on… Kind of bummed I can’t upgrade in time… Going to last ditch try to fresh install Windows 7 to get the Windows 10 upgrade then hope I can re-upgrade from XP>Vista>7>10 with my upgraded 7>10 activation at some point in the future when I can figure out what the problem is.

    1. Hi Ujn,

      Sorry to hear about your XP > Vista upgrade problems – not good! The Windows 10 free upgrade is available until 29th July, so you still have another month. If you have a valid Windows 7 (or 8) key, you can actually just do a fresh install of Windows 10, skip when it asks for a key during the install, and then enter your Windows 7 key to activate Windows 10 once it is installed.

      Kind Regards,

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