Windows 10 Setup Command-Line Arguments

Windows 10 Setup Command-Line Arguments
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This post lists the command-line arguments available from the Windows 10 setup executable.



  [/auto <upgrade|dataonly|clean>]
  [/copylogs <destination_path_for_setup_logs>]
  [/debug:<port> [/baudrate:<baudrate>]]
  [/emsport:[<port>|usebiossetting] [/emsbaudrate:<baudrate>]]
  [/installdrivers <driver_folder_path>]
  [/installlangpacks <language_pack_folder_path>]
  [/pkey <product_key>]
  [/postoobe <setupcomplete.cmd_path>]
  [/showoobe <none|full>]


  Enables kernel debugging over an IEEE 1394 (Firewire) port.
  Instructs Windows setup to add the Windows Boot Manager as the last entry in UEFI firmware boot order. This option is only supported on UEFI machines running Windows Preinstallation Environment 4.0 or later.
/auto <upgrade|dataonly|clean>
  Enables automatic install with the corresponding migration choice.
  Specifies the target controller when multiple controller exist. This syntax is appropriate when using 1394, USB or NET debugging.
/copylogs <destination_path_for_setup_logs>
  Instructs Windows setup to copy setup log files to the specified location.
/debug:<port> [/baudrate:<baudrate>]
  Enables kernel debugging over a COM (Serial) port.
/emsport:[<port>|usebiossetting] [/emsbaudrate:<baudrate>]
  Enables or disables Emergency Management Services (EMS).
/emsbaudrate:<baudrate> optionally specifies the baud rate to use while transferring data.
/installdrivers <driver_folder_path>
  Instructs Windows Setup to install drivers from the specified location.
/installlangpacks <language_pack_folder_path>
  Instructs Windows setup to install language packs from the specified location.
  Enables kernel debugging over the network.
  Instructs Windows setup not to restart the computer. This will only suppress the first reboot. Subsequent reboots, if required, will not be suppressed.
/pkey <product_key>
  Instructs Windows setup to use the specified product key. The product key must be given in the form of ABCDE-12345-FGHIJ-67890-LMNOP, including dashes.
/postoobe <setupcomplete.cmd_path>
  Instructs Windows setup to copy and use setupcomplete.cmd script from the specified location.
  Suppresses Windows setup’s user interface.
/showoobe <none|full>
  Instructs Windows setup to skip (none) or force (full) the Windows Out-of-box-experience.
  Enables unattended Windows setup mode.
  Enables kernel debugging over a USB 2.0 port.
For additional information on Setup command-line arguments, reference the Setup Help file. For information on command-line arguments specific to Windows Deployment Services, see the Windows Deployments Services documentation.

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