Remote Desktop Connection to Raspberry Pi

If you are using the Raspberry Pi’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) and would like to be able to access the desktop remotely from any Windows-based desktop computer without the need to install additional client software, then there you are in luck – there is a simple solution!

xrdp is an Open Source Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server that uses Xvnc or X11rdp to manage the local X session, and present that session to a remote user.

All versions of Windows already include a native built-in Remote Desktop Connection client that works with xrdp servers.

This guide describes how to install xrdp and connect to your Raspberry Pi’s Desktop from a Windows-based computer.


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  1. Anyone succeeded to install xrdp on a Pi with the 2016-05-27-raspbian-jessie image? It says xrdp service is dead instead of active / running 🙁

    As my Pi 2 running the Ubiquiti controller again “crashed” (returned an error on every command on the CLI and refused to reboot), I’m trying to set it up again with the latest Jessie image and am experiencing some problems (xrdp not working, permission denied error when trying to SSH directly after updating the Pi’s software etc.).

    I’m trying to find out what’s happening, but my Linux knowledge is rather limited. I read the kernel has been updated in a recent Raspbian release. Is it possible this causing the issues?

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