How to Install and Benchmark Quake III on Raspberry Pi

How to install and benchmark Quake 3 on Raspberry Pi

This post provides comprehensive instructions on how to Install and Benchmark Quake III on the Raspberry Pi platform.

Quake III for the Raspberry Pi is based upon a port of the ioquake3 source code, which itself is a significantly redeveloped port of id Software’s Quake III Arena. In addition to the game play, Quake III is also often used as a benchmarking tool.

To install Quake III on the Raspberry Pi, you must download the ioquake source code for Raspberry Pi and compile it to generate the game executable. There are already many guides available on the Internet on how to do this, but unfortunately nearly all of them are well out of date and no longer work.

This post will guide you through how to install and benchmark Quake III on the Raspberry Pi platform. I have also written a Quake 3 Script for Raspberry Pi that makes the whole task as easy as possible.

The following instructions have been fully tested with Raspbian Jessie Lite (2017-07-05).


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  1. why do i get this error when trying to downloading the script?
    wget; invalid option – – ‘0’
    Usage: wget [OPTION] . . . [URL] . . .
    btw new to RasPi just trying to get something fun workings 🙂

  2. thanks so much for the recent post. I got it to work fine. did it manually without the script. copied files through the file explorer in the raspbian gui. game launches and plays fine for about 5 seconds, then kicks out. any idea how to debug that or anybody else seen that happen?

    1. Hi Tomsz (again),

      I just tested the script, and “” downloaded and extracted fine for me.

      If you are having trouble getting this file to download via the script, on Page 3 you will find a link to the ioquake website where you can download the required patch files, which you can then put on your USB drive.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  3. On the Pixel release of Raspbian, the USB thumbdrive is mount automatically under “/media/usb2”. How can it be moved to /mnt/q3a?????

    1. Hi Tomsz,

      Just skip the usb device mount section on Page 4, and then substitute “/media/usb2” in place of “/mnt/q3a” through out the rest of the guide.

      I’ll update the guide to make this a bit clearer.

      Kind Regards,

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