Stirling College Magazine 1989

Stirling College Swansong 1990
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This post provides a download of Swansong ’89, the annual Stirling College magazine published in 1989.

Swansong: Stirling College Magazine 1989

An archival copy of the Swansong ’89 magazine is not currently held by the National Library of Australia in their collection of periodicals for Stirling College.

The magazine was produced by Year 12 students in the days before digital composition. Each page was laid out on paper by hand!


Cover TitleSwansong '89
Publication TitleStirling College Magazine 1989
Publication Year1989
Publication FormatA4 - 210 mm × 297 mm (8.27 in × 11.7 in)
Number of Pages78 + cover
Editor-in-ChiefAndré Wheeley
EditorsLoredana Brinis-Norris, Alison Caroll, Carol Falls, Michael Hinchey, Catherine Laverty, Katherine Lord, Kylie Smith, Fiona Willson
Cover ArtworkBrian Kavanagh


  1. Principal’s Message
  2. Farewell to Ian Collier
  3. Swansong Editorial
  4. Student Representative Council Report
  5. Questacon Lectures
  6. Stirling College Staff
  7. Registered Courses
  8. Tawdry Audrey’s Performing Arts Café
  9. Excursions
  10. Formal Committee
  11. Health Ed
  1. Principal’s Profile
  2. Library Satire
  3. Media Studies
  4. Year 12 Photos
  5. Theatre Experience
  6. ACT Zone Athletics
  7. Medea
  8. French
  9. Inter-School Christian Fellowship
  10. Year 11 Photos
  11. Major Events


I scanned the original copy of my magazine at 600 dpi, applied Optical Character Recognition (OCR), removed all hand written autographs and other noticeable “artefacts”,  and saved the result in Adobe PDF format.

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