Lego Simpsons Minifigures Series 2

The cast of the Lego Simpsons Minifigures Series 2 (2015)

Item Number 71009
Theme The Simpsons™
Series 2
Minifigures 16
Release Date 1st May 2015
Ages 5+
Price AU$4.99 / US$3.99

The new Lego Simpsons series 2 minifigures are out and I have added all 16 to my collection!

First we have the return of six Lego Simpsons favourites from the first series:

  • Homer and Marge, all ready for their Date Night;
  • Lisa and Maggie along with the family pets, cat Snowball II, and dog Santa’s Little Helper; and
  • Bart and Milhouse ready for cosplay as Bartman and Fallout Boy!

Then we have ten Lego Simpsons newcomers added for the second series:

  • Comic Book Guy – Sarcastic, overweight, and geeky proprietor of the comic book store;
  • Martin Prince – Nerd, teacher’s pet, and favourite target of Springfield’s bullies.
  • Professor Frink – Springfield’s own brilliant scientist and inventor;
  • Hans Moleman – Senior citizen, and former Mayor of Springfield!
  • Patty and Selma – Marge’s chain-smoking twin sisters, both of which work at the Springfield DMV, and have a strong dislike for their brother-in-law, Homer.
  • Groundskeeper Willie – Everyone’s favourite rough and tough Scottish janitor;
  • Edna Krabappel – Bart’s 4th Grade Teacher at Springfield Elementary, and recently married to Ned Flanders.
  • Waylon Smithers – Personal Assistant and self-proclaimed best friend to Mr Burns, and owner of the world’s largest Malibu Stacy collection.
  • Dr. Hibbert – Springfield’s happiest, most competent and highest charging doctor.

I’ve included the bag codes to help you find any minifigures you might still be looking for, but be aware that the codes vary depending on the batch number.

Let me know what you think of the Lego Simpsons Series 2 in the comments section below!

Date Night Homer
Date Night Marge
Lisa and Snowball II
Maggie and Santa's Little Helper
Fallout Boy Milhouse
Comic Book Guy
Martin Prince
Professor Frink
Hans Moleman
Groundskeeper Willie
Edna Krabappel
Waylon Smithers
Dr. Hibbert

Lego Simpsons Series 2 (Box)

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