In Raspbian Jessie, the default behaviour for all new installations is to boot straight to the desktop Graphical User Interface (GUI), rather than the Command Line Interface (CLI).

This was a decision taken because this is the expected behaviour for all modern computers; the default interface for a personal computer in 2015 is a desktop GUI, not just text on a screen. – Simon Long, User Interface Engineer

Because of this change, Raspbian Jessie now includes a graphical version of the Raspberry Pi Configuration tool which provides much the same functionality as raspi-config, just with a nicer interface! However, raspi-config is still available in Raspbian Jessie if you prefer use the command-line version.

This guide describes all the available options in detail, and is a companion to my Raspberry Pi Configuration tool (raspi-config) guide.
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If you are using the Raspberry Pi’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) and would like to be able to access the desktop remotely from any Windows-based desktop computer without the need to install additional client software, then there you are in luck – there is a simple solution!

xrdp is an Open Source Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server that uses Xvnc or X11rdp to manage the local X session, and present that session to a remote user.

All versions of Windows already include a native built-in Remote Desktop Connection client that works with xrdp servers.

This guide describes how to install xrdp and connect to your Raspberry Pi’s Desktop from a Windows-based computer.
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the inter-networking of embedded electronic devices, with sensors and/or actuators, that exchange information to achieve a greater value or service. These devices are expected to led to a massive growth in automation development and use across all fields.

Microsoft is encouraging developers to join its’ Internet of Things (IoT) community with their new free Windows 10 IoT Core operating system, available for several embedded platforms including the Raspberry Pi 2.

This post is based on the Windows 10 IoT Core for Raspberry Pi 2 Insider Preview Build released 12/05/2015.
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The current official release of Raspbian available for download from the Raspberry Pi Foundation is based on an older Debian Wheezy release. However, newer Raspbian Jessie binaries are available for the Raspberry Pi, and an upgrade process is available.

This article provides instructions for upgrading Raspbian Wheezy to Raspbian Jessie on the Raspberry Pi. The entire process can be performed remotely using SSH.
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